Where is the meeting point for the tours?

Our regular tours start at Munich central station. For all private tours, we'll work out the starting point with you.

How can I book an adventure?

Our booking tool shows you all tours that are available for a certain date. You can use all common means of payment. If you have any special requests, just talk to us.

How fit do I have to be and what do I have to bring to participate in the tours?

The physical requirements are indicated for the respective tours. We have also summarised the most important infos reagarding fitness levels on our website.

Are the adventure trips from Munich suitable for children?

Yes, most of the tours are suitable for children; they can participate if accompanied by a legal guardian. But please check with us in advance to make sure.

Am I obliged to stay with the group and the guide during the tour?

Generally, yes. We try to keep the group together as much as possible.

What langueages are spoken on the tours?

Depending on the requirements, we offer our tours in German, English and French.

Are the tour times of the adventure trips from Munich reliable?

Generally, yes. Sometimes delays can occur if trains are late or the volume of traffic is high.

How many people are on the regular tours?

We take a maximum of 8 people on our regular tours. Larger groups can be accommodated upon request.

How about bigger groups on an adventure trip from Munich?

Just e-mail or phone us and we will work something out for you!

How should I cancel a tour?

Cancel by phone or by e-mail. Make sure to cancel in time for full reimbursement. Check the timings for a refund in our Terms and Conditions under Cancellation Policy.

Do the regular tours take place on a rainy day?

If necessary, we change our tour itinerary the night before in order to benefit from the "best" bad weather in the area. Very rarely do we have to cancel a tour. And we provide you with basic raincoats! We will e-mail you before 7 pm the night before in case we have to change our plans.

When do I find out if a tour is taking place according to plan or a weather alternative takes place?

We will e-mail you before 7 pm the night before in case we have to change our plans.

I have a reservation but am unable to take part. Can another person participate on my behalf?

Yes, the tours are transferable. It is simply a matter of adjusting the relevant participant details prior to the beginning of a tour.

Can pets be taken on the adventure trips from Munich?

No, unfortunately you can’t take any animals on the tours


For any other questions contact us!